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"As my life opened up to new possibilities, I began stepping into them with greater confidence."

Marnie Simpson

CDC Certified Divorce Coach®
CDC Certified Divorce & Transition Recovery Coach®

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I initiated my divorce, but I was not prepared for the challenges that lay ahead.

Like most married couples, my husband and I embarked on a life together with optimism and commitment. Fourteen years into our journey, however, we ended up dissolving our marriage. As the initiator, I managed to avoid the initial shock that comes from being on the receiving end of such news. Even so, my life soon plunged into chaos as the floodgates opened up to new and harsh realities around being a single parent and single wage earner.

As a certified divorce coach, I help women navigate the tough questions and rough spots prior to divorce, during the actual 'business' of divorce, and life after divorce. 

Today, I am in a much better place than I could have ever conceived twenty years ago. I enjoy a strong bond with both of my daughters, am living the best version of myself, and enjoy a career in which I thrive on supporting women through overwhelm and divorce.

"Marnie was instrumental in helping me through the beginning stages of an intense high-conflict divorce. She helped me see all the options before me, helped me to clearly see next steps when I was in emotional crisis, she even helped me find the most amazing lawyer a gal could ask for. Marnie helped me see the truth about my marriage - the truth that I was conditioned to think of as "normal" (it was anything but). She helped me trust my instincts and believe in myself again. She helped me find the confidence within to know I could survive this divorce and I would be better person and mother because of it and on the other side of it." - Cory P.

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