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I support you in all three stages of the divorce process.




Before you reach for the phone to call an attorney, STOP and think! Is divorce right for me? Have I fully considered the long-term implications of my decision - on myself, my kids, my family, my finances? If you still have doubts, I will help guide you toward a decision devoid of emotion and with eyes wide open.


Conversely, if you have chosen to move forward with your decision, I can help you prepare and manage your new journey by providing education around the divorce process itself, a framework of what obstacles to expect, and a sounding board for questions that will inevitably come up.



You've decided (or agreed) to divorce your spouse, and now is the time to establish the legal agreement. Be prepared for an emotionally charged process -opening old wounds and triggering defense mechanisms - as you wrestle with what seems fair and what doesn't.


During this phase I will:

1. guide you in gathering and organizing all of your required financials.

2. refer you to other professionals (should you need them) such as certified divorce financial planners, family/child therapists, realtors, etc.

3. work with you to project your 'best self' in front of legal counsel. Your credibility in front of all dispute resolution professionals rides firmly on your ability to demonstrate soundness of mind and control of your emotions.

Of course, our greatest wish is to avoid your having to go to court. After all, this is the most expensive, drawn out and painful alternative. Should it become a reality for you, I can continue to coach you while helping you navigate through difficult conversations.



So, you've signed the divorce agreement along with the parenting plan, and now it's time to 'start over.

Will you remain in the same career or re-enter the job market after a prolonged absence? What compelling purpose is going to pull you out of bed every morning? How will you balance your work and your parenting responsibilities (which may have become more complicated due to your kids' added confusion.) Are you prepared to step out of your comfort zone? How will you let go of old 'triggers,' and re-write your story?

This is a time for re-assessing your life and creating new options. As your coach, I will support you in looking at all the different aspects of your life (intellectual, physical, occupational, emotional, inter-personal, etc.) fine-tuning your purpose, and getting rid of old habits that no longer serve you.

"Hi! My name is Marnie Simpson, and I’m a certified divorce coach. I work with Moms who still have children or teens living at home and are committed to minimizing the collateral damage from divorce. I will help you get organized, guide you through the complicated process of divorce, prep you for the difficult conversations that lay ahead, and help you shape the life you most desire - for yourself and your family."


Marnie Simpson

CDC Certified Divorce Coach®
CDC Certified Divorce & Transition Recovery Coach®

Initial Complimentary Coaching Conversation

During this 30-45 minute session, we will explore your current situation and the blocks that are keeping you stuck, answer your initial questions regarding the coaching process, and try-on our 'fit' as coach and coachee.

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