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Helping navigate from breakup to breakthrough

The Divorce Coach -
Your New Thinking Partner

Is Divorce For Me?

Deciding to divorce is a huge decision. Going into it with eyes wide open is critical to making the right choices and to your long-term well being.

Going Through the Business of Divorce

Which divorce route is right for you? How will you begin organizing the required financial paperwork? How much do you share with your children, with your friends and family? How to communicate effectively with your soon to be ex.?

Post Divorce - Recovery and Transition

The divorce agreement has been signed. You are no longer living with your spouse, but your life remains in flux. You are juggling new roles. What do you want your future to look like?

"Marnie was instrumental in helping me through the beginning stages of an intense high-conflict divorce. She helped me see all the options before me, helped me to clearly see next steps when I was in emotional crisis, she even helped me find the most amazing lawyer a gal could ask for. Marnie helped me see the truth about my marriage - the truth that I was conditioned to think of as "normal" (it was anything but). She helped me trust my instincts and believe in myself again. She helped me find the confidence within to know I could survive this divorce and I would be better person and mother because of it and on the other side of it."  - Cory P.

Stages of The Divorce Process




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Marnie Simpson

CDC Certified Divorce Coach®
CDC Certified Divorce & Transition Recovery Coach®

CDC-Professional Standard-Personal Divor

Whether you're thinking of separating, are in the trenches of divorce itself, or struggling with your post-divorce identity, talking with a 'thinking partner' allows you to explore new alternatives and solutions to your challenges. 

Take the first step towards a better tomorrow! 
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Stirring Coffee
What is the Coaching Conversation?
The Coaching Conversation is a 3 step dialogue that occurs between you and your coach throughout your coaching experience. Its purpose is to help bridge the gap of where you are, and where you want to be.
In this conversation, you'll be able to prioritize your concerns and focus on the top one or two. (A key benefit to this 'paring-down' exercise is that it reduces your overwhelm, and frees you for deeper, calmer reflection.)
You'll have the opportunity  to explore each challenge separately, leading to new alternatives and/or solutions that might have gone un-noticed before.
Before the end of each session, you will be asked to select specific action steps that will bring you closer to reaching your objective/s, and for which you will be held accountable in the following session.
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